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Contract Framework for Smart Predictive Maintenance

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Contract Framework for Smart Predictive Maintenance

Effective collaboration, illustrated by SAMEN (Smart Maintenance Enabled Business), depends on trust among participants, extending beyond mere contractual obligations. Contracts act as protectors of valuable data, solutions, and knowledge, However, the market seeks a standard contract framework that offers a complete perspective on contracting smart maintenance solutions.

Currently, the legal field faces challenges in keeping up with the rapid advancements of technology. Numerous parties lack the resources or know-how to create agreements that effectively protect their priceless assets. This becomes especially clear when sharing company data in collaborative networks. The difficulty goes beyond just having the capability; it involves negotiating terms and conditions that satisfy all parties involved.

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The Contract Framework presented here introduces essential elements and principles. Its purpose is to ease discussions regarding contracted smart maintenance solutions within the existing legislative landscape, which frequently lags in adapting to current needs.

The development process involved collaborative efforts centered around an initial mind map, providing a structured hierarchy visible in the index. Within this document, notes and links accompany each topic. While the aim is to provide a valuable starting point for parties involved in smart maintenance solution contracts, it’s recognized that the document may not over every detail due to the rapidly changing nature of smart solutions.

This compilation represents the outcome of two years dedicated to thoroughly reviewing existing literature and professional documents. While certain information might not be groundbreaking for all readers, considering the swift advancements in smart solutions, the relevance of the provided information might quickly become outdated. It’s important to note that legislation is undergoing development, although it lags behind the dynamic pace of the current market.

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