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Viraguides AR Work Instructions

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Viraguides AR Work Instructions

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In a production environment where the training time for new and temporary staff is precious, Viraguides offers a revolutionary solution. The platform provides instantly applicable 3D work instructions for various manual tasks, from assembly to quality control. With this real-time guidance, even a novice can get started right away, relieving experienced staff from repeatedly giving the same instructions. This results in a more efficient working environment, shorter training times, and a significant reduction in errors. Whether dealing with language barriers, temporary staff, or training existing personnel, Viraguides turns every employee into an instant specialist.

The Viraguides work instruction platform opens up a world of possibilities for companies aiming for clear work instructions and improved operational processes. With this intuitive software, organizations can effortlessly create 3D instructions that are visually appealing, understandable, and easy to follow for employees.

Viraguides has been partially used and tested in a practical environment: A module of Viraguides focused on 'Work Instruction' has been implemented by a team at Stork. The feedback has helped refine specific features. Additionally, there are currently several pilots running at IBN & Actemium.

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Work preparers, maintenance technicians, project coordinators, machine operators, production workers
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Knowledge Management
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